How Skullcandy Is Turning Things Around Its Own Way

Summary: Sometimes starting at the end can be the best way to turn around a company that’s no longer thriving. Skullcandy’s CEO explains how it worked for them.

 The experts agree. Step three in a corporate turnaround involves the painful but necessary “emergency action plan.” Skullcandy ( is ignoring this advice … and it’s working.

Want to keep your team happy? Talk to the people who just quit

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Of course you want to keep your best employees, but the truth is most of your employees–even the happy ones–are looking for another job.

According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte leaders rate engagement and retention as a top 2014 priority. And yet, lumping engagement and retention into one bucket is misleading–at least that’s what 7,350 LinkedIn members across five countries said in an exit survey.

5 Reasons you Need to Instill Values in Your Organization

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It is an old truism: employees do not turn to written statements on the company intranet for clues about how to behave–they look to each other. If your goal is to intentionally shape the actions and interactions of employees, you know the importance of creating a “values-based” culture. However, you also know how difficult it is to implement one.