We have trained more than 7,000 leaders in the Outthinker Process® and led more than 300 business growth strategy efforts. We partner with businesses that are bold enough to step out of today to embrace – and shape – what comes next. We particularly seek to work with clients who see solving problems that matter to the world as the best path to profit (who are purpose-driven); see strategy as a vibrant, ongoing, company-wide conversation rather than a quarterly report; see employees as a critical source of advantage rather than a cost; are willing to embrace open, networked structures instead of top-down hierarchy; appreciate the transformative power of digital technology; and are ready to adopt more agile approaches. Our clients hire us for our professionalism, creativity, and analytical capacity.

We work with:

  • Midsized businesses that desire to significantly accelerate growth and magnify impact
  • Business units within leading corporations interested in uncovering disruptive growth strategies

Our clients include:

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