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“There is an absolute need for organizations to innovate, grow, transform, and reinvent themselves faster than ever before. Arming employees with the tools, know-how, and mindset needed to successfully innovate on a continual basis will be paramount to organizational survival.”

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About the Outthinker Process® (IDEAS) Workshop

The IDEAS Framework® helps companies and individuals strengthen strategic and innovative thinking capabilities and build organizational capability to repeatably generate and test new ideas for growth. This program will blend innovative techniques and strategic concepts with cognitive science to present a practical set of tools and best practices.

The program is for individuals and teams at all levels that would like to increase their strategic and innovative thinking capability and ideal for those looking for a systematic way to produce and implement breakthrough ideas.

The session is highly interactive. Participants are acquainted with Outthinker research and will learn the IDEAS® framework.  Participants will be taught three key strategies for strengthening their competitive advantage and five key strategies for generating new and innovative growth.  Attendees will immediately apply the IDEAS® framework to a business case during the workshop, building confidence and enforcing the idea that designing innovative breakthrough ideas and strategies is achievable.

Teams will learn a common language that they can then put to use on their own business challenges. All participants will leave with a set of tools to help them consistently identify and seize opportunities others overlook.

Session Details

Date: Next date TBD – If you wish to be informed of the next IN–OVATE workshop, please register to the right and we will contact you once the date is finalized.
Time: TBD
Location:  NYC




Printable PDF Outthinker Process workshop overview and logistical details HERE.

Outthinker Process (IDEAS) Registration

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“Employees are the number one source of innovative growth options and the only remaining source of true competitive advantage. Arming them with the skills and tools necessary to innovate on a continual basis is of paramount importance to organizational survival.”

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About the IN-OVATE Workshop

In this seminar, Outthinker outlines how to overcome seven key barriers to driving innovation inside of companies. Based on years of research and Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff’s next book, The Employee Innovator: Driving Innovation From Within (Columbia University Press) this workshop will lay a foundation for you to act innovatively and entrepreneurially within any organization in which you find yourself.

This highly interactive program is for individuals and teams at all levels that want to learn a powerful approach and set of tools to increase the rate at which they are able to experiment and pursue new innovation ideas in their company.

Participants are acquainted with findings of Outthinker research of internal innovators and the impact of Intrapreneurial Intensity. They will learn a world-class approach (The IN–OVATE Framework) to landing innovative ideas in a company and a toolset that will enable them to identify the most relevant barriers that they need to focus on now to advance an idea in an organization. Participants immediately practice the tools and approach on business cases or their own business challenge. Immediate application of the tools and framework builds confidence and reinforces the idea that innovation from within is possible, attainable, and ultimately actionable.

Session Details

Date: Next Session Date TBD – If you wish to be informed of the next Outthinker Process workshop, please register to the right and we will contact you once the date is finalized.

Time: TBD

Location: New York City


Printable PDF IN–OVATE workshop overview and logistical details HERE.

IN–OVATE Framework

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About Outthinker Growth Strategy Innovation Acceleration Consulting

Outthinker is a growth-strategy and innovation consulting firm that collaborates with businesses to help them step into the future and execute with speed and clarity today. We believe that your biggest, safest, and most sustainable growth sources are organic: introducing new business models, opening new market spaces, and building the capabilities your future demands. In a world that demands agility, we work with companies that recognize the limits and liabilities of their linear organizations.

Outthinker helps companies:

  • Find innovative responses to emerging opportunities and threats
  • Become disruptors rather than the disrupted
  • Solve problems that matter to the world as the smartest path to profit
  • Develop vibrant, ongoing, company-wide conversations about strategy and innovation
  • Embrace employees as a critical source of advantage rather than a cost
  • Create open-networked structures instead of top-down hierarchy
  • Employ the transformative power of emerging technology