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“The true dilemma of innovation is that disruptive ideas will, by definition, at first look impossible.”

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About the Outthinker Process Workshop

The Outthinker Process® is a strategic and innovative thinking framework that helps participants generate unique ideas and select intentional strategies, known as 4th Options®, to achieve sustainable success. This workshop teaches this easy, practical, and proprietary framework that instills the corporate culture with a toolset and common language to address business challenges.

The program is for individuals and teams at all levels that would like to increase their strategic and innovative thinking capability and ideal for those looking for a repeatable way to produce and implement innovative ideas and strategies.

The session is highly interactive. Participants are acquainted with Outthinker research and the framework. They will learn the process, a set of core tools, and a common language that they will then put to use on business cases and their own business challenges. By immediately practicing the Outthinker Process® framework, participants build their confidence and reinforce how easy and compelling it is to design innovative and breakthrough ideas and strategies. The program is designed to reinforce and build on participants’ current strategies.

Session Details

Date: June 15th, 2018
Time: 10AM – 2PM (arrival starts at 9:30)
Location:   The Penn Club (The Chestnut Room)
   30 West 44th St.
   New York, NY 10036


About Outthinker Growth Strategy Innovation Acceleration Consulting

Outthinker is a growth-strategy and innovation consulting firm that collaborates with businesses to help them step into the future and execute with speed and clarity today. We believe that your biggest, safest, and most sustainable growth sources are organic: introducing new business models, opening new market spaces, and building the capabilities your future demands. In a world that demands agility, we work with companies that recognize the limits and liabilities of their linear organizations.

Outthinker helps companies:

  • Find innovative responses to emerging opportunities and threats
  • Become disruptors rather than the disrupted
  • Solve problems that matter to the world as the smartest path to profit
  • Develop vibrant, ongoing, company-wide conversations about strategy and innovation
  • Embrace employees as a critical source of advantage rather than a cost
  • Create open-networked structures instead of top-down hierarchy
  • Employ the transformative power of emerging technology