Strategy and Disruptive Innovation Outthinker

“Inventions can only be considered innovations when the creation or modification of a product, service or process is effectively introduced in a market.”

May 11th – Midtown NYC – Registration form

In today’s rapidly changing technology-driven environment, the ability to develop innovative strategy options is critical for the success of a business. Leaders are divided into two groups: those that use outdated approaches and viewpoints, “thinkers”, and those that are flexible enough to accept new perspectives, “Outthinkers”. The success of your company and career depends heavily on your capacity to change the existing paradigm and inspire others to do the same. In The Outthinker Process®, Kaihan shares first-hand accounts of his time with business and social innovators, such as Elon Musk and Noble Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, delivering and inspiring call-to-action for leaders and employees facing an increasingly disruptive marketplace.

Return on Investment
At the end of the session, each participant will understand:

  • Five strategic narratives to create innovative strategy.
  • The 8Ps Framework: eight dimensions where the most successful companies focus their innovation efforts.
  • How to find a competitive advantage.
  • Thirty-six narratives to unlock innovative ideas and disrupt the competition.
  • How to help your team work to reach strategic clarity by finding your Fourth Option®.

Time: 10AM-2PM

Industry Cooperative
18 W 38th St. 2nd floor
New York, NY 10018