Outthinker is a growth strategy consulting firm.
We train executives to innovate and strategize in an agile, digital, purpose-driven world.

The Outthinker Process® is a refined and proven strategic methodology we’ve developed and used
to enable over 5000 executives and managers across the world. This method gives your team the tools
to achieve strategic clarity, accelerate growth rates 100-120%, and most importantly, establish a
culture of innovative thinking.

Predictable strategies produce mediocre results. Don’t be mediocre. Be an Outthinker!

[Outthinker] provides practical methods to systematically analyze and intelligently manage the competition. This does not mean copying or even responding to the competition. It means precisely the opposite.

MARC SPEICHERT, CMO, L’Oreal USA (now Managing Director, Google)

What We Offer

Our Outthinker Process Workshop takes your participants through a highly efficient process to explore innovative options and ways to execute. Our unique IDEAS framework leverages 36 Strategic Narratives that our researchers have identified as being utilized most effectively across innovative companies. Think Strategy and Growth!

Who Needs This

Leaders seeking interesting and effective ways to build strategic and innovative thinking capabilities.

The Outthinker Approach

  • Modern: Rather than repeat standard business school cases, you will apply strategies ripped from fresh, modern-day Dive into modern-day case studies (e.g., Amazon.com, SpaceX, Uber)
  • Conversation: We don’t teach strategy as a static plan but as an ongoing conversation that you can manage to produce more vibrant and creative outcomes
  • Narratives: Instead of teaching strategy as static concepts, we present them as living strategic narratives; this helps participants immediately recall and apply what they learned to devise
  • Simple process: While strategy often is presented as complex and mysterious, we show it to be a natural, human activity you can manage using the Outthinker Process®, a simple 5-step approach, to approach any business challenge innovatively
  • Proven process: A systematic, proven 5-step strategic thinking process, IDEAS (Imagine, Dissect, Expand, Analyze, and Sell)



What your People Learn

  • Sensible ways to truly identify the right strategic goals geared toward your organization’s ambitions
  • Fast and easy method to generate breakthrough ideas to support strategic goals and advance existing strategy projects
  • Habits and tools to address business challenges more innovatively
  • Logical system to prioritize and organize Winning Moves
  • Communication tactics to gain organizational buy-in for innovative strategies

Outthinker Process Workshop :: Agenda Overview

Rapid warm-up exercise
Case study or company-specific challenge
Imagine :: define future context and goals
Dissect :: identify strategic leverage points
Expand :: learn strategic narratives to generate hypotheses
Analyze :: clarify disruptive priorities
Sell :: build buy-in, alignment and execution

Outthinker Consultants Facilitate

  • Top-tier strategy consultants with deep, relevant, operational expertise are rigorously trained in the Outthinker Process and guide your teams through the process.

Outthinker Process Workshop Deliverables

  • Command of a proven and repeatable process for devising more strategic and innovative growth ideas
  • Templates and best-practice guides to help your teams continue generating disruptive growth ideas
  • A repeatable method to produce Winning Moves, disruptive ideas with the potential for significantly impacting the speed with which your organization achieves strategic goals
  • Quick process to make strategic choices: separate tactical from strategic, establish a portfolio of options, and identify initiatives your people can execute now and those to validate further

Our Clients

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The Outthinker Process Workshop

A STRATEGIC AND INNOVATIVE THINKING WORKSHOP. In times of change, the ability to see innovative strategic options becomes critical for continued success. Innovation isn’t accidental. We often think of innovation as an elusive trait that leaders and teams either have or will never have. In fact, an innovative culture can be cultivated. The Outthinker Process uses proven principles and processes to equip leaders and their teams with an easy, practical, repeatable, innovative strategy framework. Our clients prove that this method quickly infuses their corporate culture with a focused tool set and narrative, continuously driving them to outthink and outperform their competition.

Organizational success necessitates thinking beyond obvious solutions. Businesses tend to trap themselves into thinking of options 1, 2, and 3: the obvious strategies. The Outthinker Process unlocks creative and even crazy solutions: a 4th Option® never previously conjured or considered possible. Teams using the Outthinker Process discover 4th Option® breakthroughs and come to appreciate that competitors have no way of anticipating these strategies.

In the Outthinker Process Workshop, participants start by working through a business case to master the process, common language, and core tools. Participants then deepen their skills by applying learnings to an existing business challenge. By immediately practicing this new framework, participants build their confidence and reinforce how easy and compelling it is to design innovative breakthrough strategies.

The Outthinker Process is Outthinker’s core strategic innovation program and is based on the book “Outthink the Competition” by our founder, Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff. Drawing on hundreds of history’s most innovative global strategic thinkers and firms, our process is designed to help leaders infuse strategic clarity into their organizations.

Learning Objectives

Participants in the Outthinker Process Workshop will:

  • Learn and gain command over a set of strategic and innovative thinking tools
  • Apply these tools to an existing business challenge in your organization

  • Construct 4th Option® solutions for an existing initiative
  • Clarify an innovative strategy
  • Be ready to replicate the process to generate future disruptive growth strategies

The Outthinker Process Workshop :: Sample Agenda & Timing (adjusted to suit your needs)

The Outthinker Process Workshop is designed for your Business Unit to learn an easy framework to apply innovative thinking to solve a real-world challenge within your business today.

The key tenets for innovative and strategic thinking should:

  • Come naturally
  • Include agile thinking
  • Create 4th Options®
  • Start with the end goal in mind
  • Look where others don’t look
  • Apply strategic narratives and pattern recognition
  • Explore crazy ideas
  • Creatively approach the political challenges within an organization
Intros :: 15 min.
Rapid warm-up exercise :: 15 min.
Case study or company-specific challenge :: 80 min.
Imagine :: define future context and goals :: 60 min.
Lunch :: 60 min.
Dissect :: identify strategic leverage points :: 45 min.
Expand :: learn strategic narratives to generate hypotheses :: 45 min.
Break :: 15 min.
Analyze :: clarify disruptive priorities :: 30 min.
Sell :: build buy-in, alignment and execution :: 15 min.
Closing :: 15 min.

Our IDEAS framework captures the key conversations our research shows lead to truly innovative strategies. Most formal strategy processes miss one or more of these steps which is why they lead to uninspired plans.

Imagine: working on a pressing issue within your business, multiple small groups of participants (5-7 people) explore the ideal goals; concretely identifying future goals helps to drive and define the right strategic question(s) to ask

Dissect: while focusing on the same pressing issue, participants explore the full breadth of leverage points and decide in which areas the strategy should focus

Expand: applying the successful strategies used by top tier companies, participants brainstorm multiple potential solutions

Analyze: sorting through the ideas, groups ensure that they create space to explore seemingly crazy ideas, ultimately reaching clarity on their proposed strategy

Selling: presenting ideas to the broader group, ideas are captured and fed back to leadership in a consistent format; discussing and exploring your firm’s political landscape helps groups define the execution tools and implementation plans

Target Audience

The Outthinker Process is designed for senior executives and their high-potential managers seeking repeatable ways to produce and implement innovative strategies.

Organizational Return on Investment

After implementing in The Outthinker Process, your organization will:

  • Approach business challenges more strategically and innovatively
  • Elevate your level of intrapraneurial intensity, the frequency and degree with which people seek innovative growth opportunities
  • Know how to achieve strategic clarity, aligning teams and organizations around one strategy
  • Have identified several disruptive growth ideas
  • Have adopted tools to unlock innovative solutions to pressing business problems
  • Infuse greater innovative and strategic thinking throughout the organization

Customization Options

Companies and industries have unique dynamics that shape 4th Options. Outthinker can customize your process:

  • Customize your playbook: select the five strategies most relevant to your industry and situation by analyzing your market’s top performers. 

  • Customize examples: research and incorporate 5-10 short examples specific to your industry and/or situation.
  • Incorporate key strategic concepts: integrate important concepts, such as Five Forces or Economies of Scope, that you feel are particularly important for participants to learn. 

  • Customize the case: select or even develop a customized business case that matches your situation/goals. 

  • Create competitor playbooks: analyze and incorporate your competitors’/peers’ playbooks for participants to think from a different perspective.
  • Incorporate your organization’s vision, goals and priorities imbed key elements of your current mission, vision, and strategic goals to build broad understanding

Recommended Outthinker Implementations

The Outthinker Process can be structured to address innovative and strategic thinking in three ways:

  1. Solve real-time strategic issues
  2. Define strategic priorities for next year or quarter
  3. Provide a practical framework to unleash innovative thinking across multiple organizational levels 

Client Implementation Examples: 

 A high-tech firm needed its top director-level team members to develop a “strategy execution” core competency. While these directors weren’t charged with setting corporate strategy, they needed to hone their skills to develop a “strategy that supported the strategy.” The Outthinker Process was conducted across the firm’s Europe, Asia, and several North America locations, where participants focused on a current strategic challenge at hand and generated a deep quiver of 4th Option solutions. Individuals then partnered with their cohorts and coaches to iterate the ideas to identify Winning Moves. Our approach supported the chief strategy officer’s corporate directive by cultivating practical innovation tools and expertise deep and broad within the organization. Ultimately, the Outthinker Process gave these directors the confidence and common approach to positively support the overarching corporate strategy.

 The top team of a business unit was struggling to find a way to maintain its rapid 3-year growth. They sought a new, inspiring 3-year growth strategy that wasn’t a traditional top-down approach, and that would enjoy buy-in from those beyond the boardroom.

They set out by identifying 250 high-performing managers from all divisions to participate in The Outthinker Process.

Small teams worked through the growth challenges and developed new 4th Options to realize their goals. We coached the groups all the way through the refinement of their presentations. In the final stage, we conducted a strategy review for groups to pitch plans to top management. The Outthinker Process ultimately resulted in 10 innovative plans interwoven into a holistic growth strategy, linking every customer segment, product, and support group. Most importantly, 250 top-tier influential managers understood and were committed to the plan because they had created it and owned it.

“[Outthinker] delivers cutting-edge business concepts with unique unique tools in a way that inspires leaders to think differently.”

Chief Learning Officer, Robert Cancalosi

“Using the [Outthinker] process created an entirely different way of solving business problems. It was as though someone suddenly opened the floodgate; there was a whole new flow of ideas and energy.”

Country Manager, Microsoft


Outthinker is committed to helping business leaders unlock strategic thinking to achieve their goals. How can we help you?

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