• Our client had been put in charge of a finance business of a major computer manufacturer.
  • His mission was to convince companies who bought hardware to finance that purchase through his team.
  • But he faced competition from a plethora of banks, other internal finance firms, and financial services experts. His offering had become a commodity.
  • How could they innovate a business that competed in a commoditized market?

Regional FinanceOur approach:

  • We studied cases of companies that successfully de-commoditized commodity businesses and extracted from these the eight most effective strategic approaches for generating profit in commoditized industries.
  • We ran a growth strategy ideation session and generated nearly 100 potential strategies.
  • We helped the team assess and choose between the strategies and develop several of them into a radical, new go-to-market approach.



  • Growth strategy that works: The client tested the new approach and it worked. Customers started coming to them in greater numbers; growth accelerated and profit margins grew.
  • Global impact: Other similar business units in their parent company started taking notice and wanted to implement the same approach in their markets; eventually, their innovative growth strategy was adopted globally.
  • Growth: Revenue quickly shot up 300% in less than three years.