10 Ways to Prepare for Career Changes in the Transient Advantage Economy

10 Ways to Prepare for Career Changes in the Transient Advantage Economy

In the world of strategy, there’s been a long-held belief in a sustainable competitive advantage—you find an attractive place in an attractive industry, throw up entry barriers, and exploit the advantage for a long period of time. However, in more and more parts of our economy, competitive advantages just aren’t lasting as long as they used to, and companies are having to continuously refresh their competitive advantages as they become irrelevant.

Disney’s FastPass: How an Employee-Innovator Made Magic Happen

Greg Hale was an electrical engineer with a curious spirit when he interviewed for a position in Disney’s engineering department almost 30 years ago. He was eager to see how things worked behind the scenes, so he applied for the job figuring that even if he didn’t get it, he would at least get a backstage tour.

If You Don’t Like Your Job, Quit

“If you don’t like your job, quit.” This is part of the manifesto of holstee.com, one my favorite entrepreneurial companies, and is perfect for a conversation I am having with the head of strategy of a large financial services technology firm. We are in his office overlooking Park Avenue in Manhattan. He’s laying out for me some of the challenges faced by a growing number of firms that are trying to inject a more innovative, entrepreneurial spirit into their cultures.

A Framework (That Works) for Getting What You Want Out of Life

I’d say I bat about 500. For every 1,000 goals I’ve set for myself, if I am truly honest, I’ve hit maybe 500 of them. I wanted to write a book … and I wrote a book. I wanted to build a successful investment fund … well, that’s still a work in progress. I married the woman of my dreams but I don’t (yet) have the six-pack abs of my dreams.