Going Public in a Pandemic: Airbnb & Inflection Points

2020 has demanded that companies pivot like no other time in recent history. Organizations with the flexibility to adapt their business models to changing customer preferences find themselves better equipped to face current challenges and to move past them in a post-Covid world. One example of a company that has encountered this year’s inflection point and adjusted successfully is Airbnb.

We Decided to Stop Selling … and it Works!

We Decided to Stop Selling

For years I have been selling Outthinker: our workshops, certifications, speeches, membership, etc. And to be honest, it has felt exhausting. Waking up to long lists of tasks, burning red, overdue, people to follow up with and check in with. Long flights banging away email outreaches when I could be drafting the next chapter of a book.

The Future of Retail


What an energizing whirlwind two weeks: keynoted for the Federal Reserve (the future of banking), spoke to CFOs in San Diego (the future of finance), facilitated our Outthinker Chief Strategy Officer roundtable in New York (the future of strategy), met with ABC TV in LA (the future of television), ran a workshop for a Fortune 500 real estate firm (the future of real estate), ran an Outthinker workshop for an apparel retail leader (the future of retail), then addressed a room of board members of public tech companies in Silicon Valley (the future of everything!).

The Organization Of The Future

Last June, John Chambers, former Cisco CEO, proposed that “soon you’ll see huge companies with just two employees – the CEO and CIO.” The concept seems crazy now, but tangible evidence suggests we are moving toward such a future, faster than you might think. As with every major transition, this one will create losers and winners, thinkers (who hold on to outdated concepts) and outthinkers (who embrace the new).

3 Keys to Make Your Brand Stand Out

The FIFA World Cup is a great example of best-in-class brands who are trying to make an impression. This event is far more than a game that occurs every four years; it is a multi-layered event that attracts key advertisers vying for real estate on packaged items that range from Coca-Cola to Gillettte razors.  The best of the best, sparing no efforts to gain the public’s attention.

How Skullcandy Is Turning Things Around Its Own Way

Summary: Sometimes starting at the end can be the best way to turn around a company that’s no longer thriving. Skullcandy’s CEO explains how it worked for them.

 The experts agree. Step three in a corporate turnaround involves the painful but necessary “emergency action plan.” Skullcandy (www.skullcandy.com) is ignoring this advice … and it’s working.

What you Can Learn About Adaptability from Sylvan Learning

When W. Berry Fowler decided to give up his formal teaching career to open a tutoring business in 1979, he had no idea he was at the forefront of a revolution.

His single location center at the Sylvan Hill Medical Center in Portland, Ore., eventually grew into Sylvan Learning: the largest for-profit tutoring company in the country, spurred on by a transformation in the U.S. educational system.