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Every successful career is based on forming lasting connections and a continued pursuit of professional development. Outthinker has established two communities, each focused on a specific cohort, both with the same purpose – to support the development of your personal and professional goals. 

The Outthinker Consulting Network is a global network of consultants, coaches and practitioners who are Outthinker Certified they share a commitment to continually enhancing their capabilities in the areas of strategy and innovation..

Members support each other in growing successful practices, sharing how they use Outthinker tools to engage with and deliver for their clients. The network has a collective passion for making a difference to each of their clients’ businesses and finding an important sense of meaning in their strategy and innovation work.

The Outthinker Strategy Network is a global network of strategy executives from leading ($1B+) organizations committed to staying ahead of the pace of disruption. An invitation-only network.

Members gain access to actionable tools, encounter fresh ideas, network with professional connections and cite the OSN as invaluable for bringing new ideas and transformative thinking into their organizations – enhancing the efficacy and success of their strategy teams and furthering the trajectory of their individual careers.