Our core workshop – The Outthinker Process – delivers a systematic, repeatable methodology to generate disruptive growth strategies. Based on decades of research, it shows how to apply thirty-six strategic patterns to unlock more innovative strategic thinking.

Learning Solutions

The success of your company and your career depends to a great extent on your team’s ability to rapidly think strategically, find innovative solutions, and inspire others to pursue new strategic possibilities. Our learning solutions draw on the study of hundreds of history’s most competitive companies from Walmart and GE to Google and Baidu. Businesses unlock breakthrough growth strategies when a team collaborates to shift their perspectives, thereby seeing strategic options that their competitors overlook.

Application Focused

The most effective skill-building occurs when people are working on their real business challenges, so Outthinker brings the learning lab to you. By using the Outthinker process on your real business challenges, you’ll not only build skills to be leveraged in the future, but also leave with insights and actions to take to move your work forward. Each session is designed with practical frameworks and tools to sustain learning post sessions and leverages case examples and strategies that are most relevant to your business.

Target Audiences

Outthinker delivers working sessions around the globe for leaders, teams, high-potentials, entrepreneurs and associations who are looking to build their strategic thinking and innovation capability.

Well-Researched, Well-Tested Content

Our working sessions are designed and developed to be delivered in half-day, full-day and multiday formats with blended learning options. Each builds from our research of 36 strategic patterns that unlock breakthrough ideas. Our approach with each client is to be clear on desired outcomes and to tailor solutions to create optimal efficacy.

We offer the following sessions:

  1. The Outthinker Process®: The Power of Innovative and Strategic Thinking
  2. Innovating Beyond Product: Eight Dimensions Along Which Disruptive Companies Unleash Innovation
  3. Reaching Strategic Clarity Collaboratively with Your Team
  4. Executing with Agility
  5. Strategic Influence: Building Buy-in for your Ideas

For each session, the Outthinker design and development team will work with you to tailor content as needed. 

Participant Reactions 

Over 75% of participants report finding a breakthrough idea during one of our working sessions. Our learning solutions enjoy a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS).

“Using the [Outthinker] process created an entirely different way of solving business problems. It was as though someone suddenly opened the floodgate; there was a whole new flow of ideas and energy.”

“I take the strategic thinking toolkit everywhere I go. It helps me get my team to look at issues from a more strategic perspective.”

“We chose this workshop to train a group of high-potentials on innovative and strategic thinking skills. Participants were able to immediate apply the tools they learned to tackle real business problems and develop more creative solutions with the potential to have a real impact on our business…”