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Outthinker is a growth strategy consulting firm that approaches consulting differently. Read More

Outthinkers are the leaders of the future. They recognize employees as their number one source of creativity and innovation. They activate people and ideas. They break down silos and ignite a drive to collaborate. They form agile teams that prioritize experimentation and learning. They operate an ecosystem of business models to pivot quickly when technology shifts. They move strategic conversations from boardrooms to hallway and form vibrant communities. They unleash bold ideas into the world, what we call “fourth options,” which others consider crazy and thereby shape the future.

Who We Are

Founded in 2004 as a traditional consulting firm, we soon realized that conventional strategic planning approaches constrained innovative and strategic thinking. They were designed to encourage businesses to repeat past strategies and performance. Businesses, innovators, and leaders needed a light at the end of the tunnel–a revolution in strategy.

Outthinker is that revolution. Over the following 15+ years we led hundreds of growth strategy efforts, carefully refined a strategy development process (The Outthinker Process®), wrote five bestselling books trained over 1,200 “outthinkers,” and generated over $2.5 billion in new annual revenue for our clients to date.