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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Kaihan Krippendorff works with organizations that are serious about innovation and transformation. He is the top growth strategy speaker and consultant for any business that needs to step into the future to create agile strategies and inspire a culture of innovation.

Every keynote Kaihan delivers is different. His experience working in both the boardroom and on the front lines of business strategy allows him to make changes to his delivery so that the message resonates with your audience. Research and interviews, based on his background performing strategic consulting for McKinsey and Company, help him to identify the most relevant issues and challenges facing your organization. Each presentation is customized to overdeliver on impact and value and designed to drive meaningful change.

Not ready to host an in-person event? Outthinker has a professional video broadcasting studio where Kaihan delivers dynamic virtual keynotes that keep an audience engaged, enable interactivity, and create the motivation and actionable outcomes you desire. Kaihan and his team go the extra mile to make every engagement a resounding success.

Example topics for your next keynote:


Strategy and innovation for excelling in a digital, agile, purpose-driven future


Explore agile mindset, new business models and revenue streams in the with/post-covid era


A guide for growth and transformation through employees and org leaders


Realizing trapped value across the 8 dimensions of innovation


Activate the power of an entrepreneurial mindset to drive growth


Embrace constant change and make it an opportunity


Harness the power of csr and a do-good strategy so your growth is good for all


Transform to be the trusted firm of the future


Strategy and innovation to evolve, adapt and win in the shifting retail landscape 

Kaihan is a top business strategy, growth and transformation keynote speaker that has helped inspire, motivate, and equip hundreds of thousands of people with the tools and mindset needed to innovate and shape the future.

Jump-start strategy, growth, transformation, and innovation in your organization with a Kaihan Krippendorff keynote followed by an Outthinker Workshop.

“8Ps” of StrategyOpportunity
for Disruption
Recommended Leverage Points
Position- The farmers, individual and corporate, that you are targeting.

- The need of the agricultural industry that you seek to fill.
3- What technologies do you control that can help you tap into market
segments that you previously thought unreachable?

- What are the potential business alliances you could think about with key players in the segment to serve your customers with integrated solutions? (Serving customers with more integrated solutions example: serving farmers with fertilizers, crop protection and other).
Product- The products you offer, and the characteristics that affect their value to customers.

- The technology you develop for producing those products.
8- What moves are your organization taking to implement Big Data and analytics to your operations? What IoT and blockchain applications can you use?

- What tools and technology could you utilize or develop to improve food quality, traceability, and

- How can you develop a more sustainable production model to accommodate constraints on arable

- What is the future business model needed to serve new differentiated products to your customers?
Promotion- How you connect with farmers and consumers across a variety of locations and industries.
- How to make consumers, producers, and other stakeholders aware of your products and services.
8- How are you connecting your product with individual and corporate farms who could utilize it?
- How could you anticipate market and customer needs to make customers interested in accessing your differentiated products?
PriceHow consumers and other members of the agricultural supply chain pay for access to agricultural products.7- What elements of value comprise your pricing? How do each of those elements satisfy the varying needs of your customers?
Placement- How food products reach consumers. How the technologies, data, and services reach stakeholders in the supply chain.9- What new paths might exist for helping consumers access the food they desire?
- How are you adapting your operations and supply chain to accommodate consumers’ desire for proximity to the food they eat?
- How could you anticipate customer expectation to make products more
accessible to customers/agile supply chain?
- Have you considered urbanization as a part of your growth strategy?
- How your food satisfies the needs and desires of your customer.
- How the services you provide to agribusiness fulfill their needs.
9- Where does your food rate on a taste, appearance, and freshness
- Could the services you provide to companies and farms in the agriculture industry be expanded to meet more needs?
- What senses does your food affect besides hunger? How does your
customer extract value from your food in addition to consumption?
Processes- Guiding your food production operations in a manner cognizant of social pressure.8- How can you manage the supply chain differently to improve traceability and reduce waste?
- How can you innovate systems in production, processing, storing, shipping, retailing, etc.?
- What are new capabilities to increase sustainability (impact on the environment, or ESG) components?
People- The choices you make regarding hiring, organizing, and incentivizing your people and your culture.- How are you leveraging the agricultural experience of your staff bottom-up to achieve your vision?
- How do you anticipate new organizational capabilities needed to perform your future strategy (innovation, exponential technologies needed, agile customer relationship, innovative supply chain)?
- How do you manage your talents to assure suitable development with exposure in the agrifood main challenges/allowing a more sustainable view of the opportunities/cross-sectors?