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“There is an absolute need for organizations to innovate, grow, transform, and reinvent themselves faster than ever before. Arming employees with the tools, know-how, and mindset needed to successfully innovate on a continual basis will be paramount to organizational survival.”

Outthinker Process® Certification Program


About the Program

Outthinker Certified Growth Strategists (OCGSs) are trained and certified to help businesses develop disruptive growth strategies using the Outthinker Process ®. We accept a limited number of members each year. The expectation is that OCGSs are experienced managers, operators, consultants, or business coaches already actively contributing to strategy efforts, formally or informally. Certification enables OCGSs to apply the Outthinker Process®, access our learning and tools library, and tap additional support (e.g., coaching calls, webinars, community).


  • Full training program composed of webinar series and three-day in-person training
  • Certified and prepared to apply the Outthinker Process® and tools to facilitate solving business strategy challenges
  • Access to tool library (e.g., presentation, online manuals, sample agendas)
  • Monthly or bi-monthly calls/ webinars for OCGSs
  • Membership in the Outthinker community
  • Right to use Outthinker premium tools (e.g., digital tools, assessments)
  • Permission to use trademarked IP
  • Access to coaching
  • Invitation to OCGS-only conferences and events


  • Initial certification, cost $7500; Annual renewal $1,000
  • Completion of the one-day Outthinker Introductory Workshop or the online Master Business Course
  • Participation in initial certification training (11 sessions online or two days in person)
  • Virtual or in-person participation in approximately 5-hour re-certification training each year
  • Agreement to maintain brand, IP, and quality expectations
  • Preparation of an annual impact report documenting one successful Outthinker implementation

Session Details

Ten one-hour live training webinars spread over three months

Limited to seven certification trainees

Videos and online exercises conducted between training webinar

Successful completion of a “practicum” application of the Outthinker Process

Our next session will commence in November 2019 or when we have five registrations by qualified applicants

Printable PDF with more details on the Outthinker Process certification HERE.

Register here for Atlanta May 17-18

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