The Next Financial Services Business Model

Next Financial Services Business Model

My wife knows credit cards. She has a couple, of course, but she is also the general counsel of one the world’s leading credit card companies. So, it’s enigmatic that were she old enough in the early 1970s to apply for a credit card herself, her bank would have refused to issue her one. Before 1974, most banks deemed women too high a risk unless they were married and their husbands co-signed for the card.

Tips for thinking ahead in fast-moving spaces from serial entrepreneur Bernee Strom

Serial entrepreneur Bernee Strom has built a career thinking ahead in fast-moving markets, from electronics to television. She has served or is serving on the boards of companies like Benchmark Electronics, Hughes Electronics/ DirectTV, and Polaroid and is now the Chairman & CEO of WebTuner (, a company that may transform how we access TV. So when we got chance to ask her how she does it, we jumped. Here is what she she had to say.