The Good, the Bad, and the Exciting Future of Strategic Planning (Part 4)

Putting Strategic back into Strategic Planning

In the last article of this series, we started covering the shortcomings of the strategic planning process (SPP). We said that a fast-changing environment, often referred to as strategic acceleration or heightened rate of competition, is detrimental to the strategic aspects of the typical SPP.

Tips for thinking ahead in fast-moving spaces from serial entrepreneur Bernee Strom

Serial entrepreneur Bernee Strom has built a career thinking ahead in fast-moving markets, from electronics to television. She has served or is serving on the boards of companies like Benchmark Electronics, Hughes Electronics/ DirectTV, and Polaroid and is now the Chairman & CEO of WebTuner (, a company that may transform how we access TV. So when we got chance to ask her how she does it, we jumped. Here is what she she had to say.

How Love Saved Macmillan

From a bright white conference room at Macmillan, we saw clouds forming. The tween romance book segment was expanding, creating an opportunity of enormous potential for Macmillan’s children’s publishing division. But self-published authors in this genre were growing in popularity, making it more difficult for traditional publishers to convince great writers to sign with them.

Knowing The Opportunity Is Yours

An entrepreneur who has launched 19 companies, and created over 50 million human life years as a result, shares his approach to recognizing opportunities.

It seems to me it all comes down to this moment: it’s 5:30a.m., and while I write, shivering in a still-cold house, my kids are warming my bed, which they stumbled into last night. When the world is calling you back to sleep, how do you know the opportunity you keep waking up for is the right one?