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The Outthinker IN-OVATE Workshop

Outthinker IN-OVATE Workshop

This Outthinker workshop arms participants with a framework and set of tools to enable internal innovators to more effectively pursue internal innovation. Base on our book Driving Innovation from Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepeneurs, it encapsulates a multi-year study, including analysis of over 300 companies and interviews of 150 internal innovators, into a practical set of tools for overcoming the seven most common barriers to driving growth through organic innovation (incremental and transformational) and creating an entrepreneurial mindset in employees. 

What is it?

The IN-OVATE Workshop helps companies unlock their employees as a source of innovative growth options by arming them with the skills, tools, and mindset to innovate on a continual basis. The only remaining source of true competitive advantage, employee-led innovation is of paramount importance to organizational survival. This workshop lays out a set of practical tools and frameworks for activating innovation from within any established organization.

This workshop can be augmented with additional services to help your organization effectively activate an internal innovation community, sustain learning, and cement mindset change in participants. The workshop can be delivered in multi-day formats in person, virtually, or through a variety of blended learning formats. 

Why do you need it?

The level of performance and improvement needed today is unprecedented. To outthink and outperform the competition, companies need to unlock the value of the ideas within their employees. They must create a culture of innovation and formally teach the skills, tools, and frameworks that individuals need to experiment, incubate, and grow incremental and transformational innovation growth options.

Activate the Intent to innovate. Understand what the market and your organization Need. Generate a portfolio of innovative Options. Predict and neutralize Value-blockers. Act on experiments without needing a full business plan. Assemble a fast-moving, cross-functional Team, and manage the Environment to find an “island of freedom” where a good idea is not shot down by bureaucracy.

When leaders and their teams, individually and collectively, improve their ability and the speed at which they are able to experiment and innovate, it creates bottom-line growth, leads to increased employee engagement, drives share-price, and most importantly protects the organization from becoming the next Kodak, Blockbuster, or BlackBerry.

Program Outcomes 

Participants become acquainted with the Outthinker research on corporate innovation and the IN-OVATE Framework. They then put the process and tools they learn into use on a business case or a real business challenge they are facing. Immediate application helps participants accelerate their learning of the process, helps the team develop common language to discuss strategy and innovation, and gives them a core set of tools they can use outside of the workshop in their own role. The Outthinker IN-OVATE Workshop helps participants build their confidence to contribute to and innovate within their organization regardless of the title they have on their business card.

The Outthinker IN-OVATE Workshop teaches participants

  • The proven characteristics of effective internal innovators 

  • The seven most common barriers to internal innovation 

  • How to identify “islands of freedom” within your organization 

  • The three barriers that stop employees from attempting innovative behavior 

  • How to predict and pre-empt business model conflict 

  • The proven organizational drivers that enhance or hinder internal innovation 

Who is it for? 

This highly interactive program is for individuals and teams at all levels that want to learn tools and frameworks to help them navigate the challenges and overcome the barriers that hinder experimentation and thwart innovation. It is for people who want to become skilled and effective innovators as well as for companies that want to unlock employees as a competitive advantage, activate an entrepreneurial mindset, increase agility, and be a workplace that attracts top talent and that has the ability to transform and grow on a continual basis.

  • Executive teams

  • High-potential programs

  • High-potential managers

  • Sales, marketing, and business development teams

  • Innovation groups and leaders

  • Executives and managers responsible for growth or innovation

  • Business unit and functional leads
  • Chief human resource officers and their teams

  • Chief transformation officers and their teams

  • Training and development groups

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Associations and member groups

  • IT, technology, and data analytics organizations

Program Structure  

The Outthinker IN-OVATE Workshop is a hands-on session best delivered to groups of 7 to 60 participants who want to level up their skills to innovate within an organization. You’ll get exclusive access to Outthinker research of internal innovators and the impact of Intrapreneurial Intensity. You will learn a world-class approach (The IN–OVATE Framework) to launching innovative ideas from within a company and a toolset that will enable you to identify the most relevant barriers that you need to focus on now to advance an idea in an organization. 

The workshop is highly interactive and can be delivered in 2-hour, half-day, full-day, or multi-day formats. It can be delivered in person, virtually, or through a variety of blended learning formats. A common requested format is a Driving Innovation from Within (IN-OVATE) keynote followed by a 1–2-hour workshop to dive deeper into the content with a subset or full group of conference participants (ie: follow up workshop/learning track).

The Outthinker IN-OVATE Workshop is always customized for the client based on their specific needs, goals, and desired transformation for program participants.

Program Components  

  • Intent: Can you activate your employees to have the intent to innovate? 
  • Need: Do you understand what the market needs, what the organization needs, and your organization’s strategy? 
  • Options: Are you able to create lots of exciting options (i.e., do you have the creative capacity to generate ideas for innovation)? 
  • Value blockers: Are you able to overcome value blockers if the new idea conflicts with your current business model? 
  • Act: Can you take action and experiment or prototype your ideas? 
  • Team: Can you assemble a cross-functional team that has the right attributes needed to ramp up the innovation quickly? 
  • Environment: Can you manage environmental factors (leadership, culture, structure, and talent)?