An invitation-only networks of heads of strategy from large ($1 billion+) organizations. Member get exclusive access to a global peer group, curated learning, world-class thought-leaders, and actionable ideas to guide their careers and organizations into the future.

We often work with CEOs and business leaders who identify breakthrough growth strategies, but who feel they lack the bandwidth or resources to pursue their ideas without disrupting their core business.

At Outthinker® we are so confident in our network of experts and processes, we developed the Strategic Incubation model to team up with clients looking to implement a bold growth strategy. With a vested interest in your growth strategy, our network of experts works hand-in-hand to share in success or failure.

We pull together a team of experts with experience incubating and growing businesses across a variety of sectors. We apply an agile, rapid, lean strategy development process to step rapidly through prototyping, market analysis, ring-fence business building, and roll out.

We start with an agile development process. In five days, we conduct prototyping; our goal is to quickly assess whether the idea will fail. The intent is to fail early, fail fast, fail cheaply. Since our fees are at risk, our interests align perfectly to find out early whether the idea truly has potential.

Successful ideas undergo rapid development of a “minimum viable proposition” for market analysis. We use the term “minimal viable proposition” rather than “product” because most of our innovations are not products, but rather interesting strategies – new value propositions.

For truly constructive growth strategies, Outthinker® works with you to develop KPIs and an implementation plan for ring-fence business building and roll out.

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